I've tried diets, diets, and more diets!!! Sure, if I'm motivated for weight loss they work at first. But, as usual, after about 2-4 weeks I run screaming to the refrigerator with that starving, crazed look on my face that says, "Just let someone get in my way...I'll eat THEM and the refrigerator both!"

Obviously, whatever diet lead me to that craziness wasn't the best weight loss diet! I did, however, discover the absolute BEST weight loss diet!

GREEN TEA!!!!! I cannot tell you enough about how green tea has changed my dieting life. It has taken the place of my morning coffee...my afternoon diet soda...my late night glass of regular tea.

The best qualities about drinking green tea is it raises your metabolism causing you to lose more weight, and it also has wonderful antioxidants that your body needs and craves that clean your system and fight harmful cells in your body.

I'm not a doctor, but my weight loss experience with green tea is enough to have me convinced that it is a dieters miracle drink/pill!

Five months before my wedding I needed some major weight loss. I have an awful time losing weight. I just couldn't seem to stay on my weight loss diet. I would diet a couple days and then blow it the rest of the week. And of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas came just 3 months before my wedding and I was still 20 lbs overweight. With all the eating that comes with the holidays I thought I was done for and so was the dress two sizes too small in my closet.

I went online and decided to try a product that a well respected t.v. talk show host recommended. It was a green tea product. I have read that it takes at least 2-4 cups of green tea to cause weight loss. I, however, wanted the best maximum weight loss results possible so I took green tea supplements and drank green tea. I drank one glass before each meal, and took the green tea supplement as directed by the bottle. Not only did the green tea reduce my appetite, it also caused me to lose 20 lbs of fat, without starving myself, right in time for my wedding! And to top it all off, my dress fit perfectly!!!

If you've never tried green tea before, it might take a little getting used to. I love the taste of green tea, but much like coffee, some people have to develop a taste for it. Also, for me, it seemed as though 15 cups of green tea a day caused my best weight loss outcome which is why I recommend getting some green tea supplements. It's very difficult, though possible, to drink 15 cups of GREEN TEA. Everyone requires a different amount. That was the amount which was BEST for me.

If you've never tried green tea I highly recommend it. I've tried almost every diet pill known, but none have worked like green tea. That's a promise you can take to the bank! LOL!

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