Have you ever been in a situation where someone, whom you love, went out of their way to buy you a food item, oh, we'll say a breakfast burrito, which isn't exactly on the diet menu, to show you that you are in their thoughts?

They think they are doing something very thoughtful and caring for you, which they would be, if you weren't trying to fit back into your fat pants which you grew out of six months ago!

We could completely avoid situations, like the one I'm about to share with you, if we would only discuss our weight loss goals with our friends and family before we set out on our weight loss journey.

Battling the Bulge is hard enough to conquer without having friends and family unknowingly adding extra stress and temptation to the mix. Plus, having friends and family there to support and encourage you will give better odds in your weight loss success.

This is the case of: The PMSing Breakfast Burrito Nazi vs. The Ungrateful Burrito Rejecter!

One seemingly normal morning, I get up and start getting ready for work. I grab my protein bar because I know I will get hungry later, and don't want to fall off the diet wagon. I tell my husband I love him, which, that early in the morning, comes out as grumbles, and I head off for work.

After I arrive and start working, I hear the sweet voice of my dear friend, yes it is none other than the PMSing Breakfast Burrito Nazi, "I bought all of you a breakfast burrito!!!" I, while flashing my protein bar say, "oh no thank you, I'm not a big fan of those. "Plus, I've rededicated myself to losing weight." Oh boy, little did I know, but I was in for it now!!!

"You better get up here and eat this dang thing! I got up extra early and bought this for you!" You could see the smoke starting to roll out of her ears, though she held her same beautiful smile.

In retrospect, I should have just taken the dang thing and threw it in the trash, she would have never known, but of course, you never think until all is said and done! Plus, I hate to waste good food! Which is partly why I'm dieting in the first place!

I'm feeling quite bad about having to tell my friend no at this point. I knew her feelings were hurt, and I don't like being the cause of grief. All the while, trying my best to stick to the weight loss goals I set for myself.

What is the best thing to do? I could either, A - Choke down the burrito, and feel guilty for the rest of the day, or B - Decline the burrito, allowing someone who would actually enjoy eating it have it, and enter into the Breakfast Burrito Wars.

Which did I choose you ask? Of course, I chose B.

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

Walking up to the PMSing Breakfast Burrito Nazi I said, "No thanks, I don't really like those. Plus, I brought my protein bar to eat when I get hungry." Quickly she replies, "What do you mean you don't like them? How could you not like them?!?! What's in them you don't like? You better eat it! Just scrape out what you don't like and eat the d*** thing!" Which, of course, means I would be eating a tortilla shell, since everything is just mashed together in burritos.

"I can't believe you guys are sooooooooooo ungrateful that you would turn down my obvious kind gesture. Look at me! My feelings are hurt now. I'm going to make you all pay!!!" Okay, yeah, who pays? Of course, the close friend, even though I was just one of 3 who declined the d*** burrito!

Okay, I know I shouldn't have, but when you have two irrational, PMSing women together, spit is bound to start flying! "I'm sorry I don't want your d*** burrito! I don't like them, and I shouldn't have to feel bad because I don't. Could you please quit trying to guilt trip me into eating your stupid breakfast burrito! It was very nice and thoughtful of you to get them for us, but we don't want it so there!"

Okay, a little harsh, but like I said, PMS is why 60-70% of wars start!

Soon after the argument I felt completely guilty and apologized to my friend. I told her that I was so sorry for talking to her in that manner, and raising my voice was uncalled for. She said, "Yeah what's got into you?!"

Hmmm...not exactly the response I was looking for. :-) I thought she would say, yeah I'm sorry for making you feel bad for not wanting the burrito. Instead, it turns into yet another tense moment.

At that point I was so upset. Tears started shooting like burrito bullets out of my eyes and I told my friend how I had been going through a stressful six months and that I had put on 30 lbs., and I just wanted to finally be rid of my obsession with losing weight.

She started apologizing for making me feel bad and understood, finally, why I had to say no to her thoughtful offering. She too battles with weight issues, and understands the temptations and mental anguish it can cause.

I couldn't believe that my crying is what it took to make her see how important it was for me to avoid any temptation and to stay on track. For me, I have to make a conscience decision to lose weight, and avoid all foods that will trigger binges.

I can't just eat a little chocolate. Once I have the taste in my mouth, it triggers something in my brain and I can't stop thinking about it. Which, almost always, leads to me eating a couple of bars of chocolate, feeling like a failure, and giving up on my weight loss goals soon after.

At that point it was clear to me. I never sat down with my friend and discussed my weight loss decision and my goals. Had I just done that, I could have completely avoided the Breakfast Burrito War all together.

So now obviously, not every "no thank you I'm dieting" is going to turn out to be a huge PMS war, but discussing your weight loss goals with family and friends can not only cause them to encourage you, but it can also avoid some ugly situations and hurt feelings down the dieting road.

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Very entertaining story because it is so true to life in the war to lose weight.

August 26, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

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