Women in the US and around the world are being bombarded on a continual basis with t.v. programs, magazines, and people who have distorted the image of beauty. Images of super thin women glorified, diet pill advertisements, and the next new diet fad which promises super fast weight loss results - obviously unhealthy, and usually a complete lie.

How has this world become so superficial? Surely we have turned into a people completely opposite of what God intended, and how do we get back to where we should be?

I was recently watching a popular modeling program which was basically representing size zero as being the definition of beauty while any other size is considered "fat". Girls were being ridiculed for eating and putting on a couple of pounds and tormented into losing weight, even though they were at a healthy weight range for their height, maybe even a little under.

What happened to being healthy? Life is so precious and you only get one shot at it. Why would you want to cut it short just so someone can say, "Wow, you're thin. Good job!" There are people around the world starving to death with no choice in the matter. I just wonder what exactly they think about us and our obsession with being thin. Better yet, I wonder what God thinks about it.

What is beauty? Is it a number on the scale, a size smaller than nothing? When will we be thin enough to be accepted into this generation of hypercritical, vanity?

The truth of the matter is 99% of models will tell you that they aren't thin enough, nor are they ever happy with the way they look. The top performing bodybuilder will tell you that he/she needs to put on more muscle. Do we truly believe that there is a physical perfection that can actually be attained??? There isn't, and we are insane to be giving up our health and ultimately our lives to try to achieve the unachievable. So again I ask, what is beauty?

God defines beauty in the size and content of the heart, not your pant size. How have we strayed so far from the truth? We want so deeply for people to accept and love us that we will starve our bodies from the very nutrition it needs for existence, and cause long-term health issues such as infertility! I can never have a child of my own, but at least I'm thin!? What are we thinking???

My suggestion is: The next time you are looking for love and acceptance, look to our perfect incorruptible God, not to imperfect corruptible men.

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