I have tried diet, after diet, after diet!!! Sure, if I'm motivated to lose weight, anything will work at first. But, as usual, after roughly a week, I run screaming to the refrigerator with that starving, crazed look on my face that says, "Just let someone get in my way...I'll eat THEM and the refrigerator!"

Obviously, any diet that will lead you to that ravenous state isn't one you should be on in the first place! I did, however, discover one weight loss plan that is not only easy, but it is one of the best in teaching you how to gain a permanent lifestyle change. You will never have to say diet again!

I am in no way affiliated with this organization. So, you don't have to worry that I am feeding you a bunch of bologna, trying to sell you something. I am, however, someone who has struggled with her weight her whole life.

I understand the frustration and pure H E double hockey stick, that comes with constantly fighting the gaining and losing battle of fat. I feel as though I have found the answer to the battle of the bulge, and am extremely excited to share the good news with everyone struggling the way I have.

I sky rocketed to being 50 lbs. over-weight a few months back. Since joining online Weight Watchers, I have dropped over 20 lbs. and am back into jeans that I haven't worn in a year. I still have a long way to go, but Weight Watchers has given me the tools I need in order to be successful and change my relationship with food.

It is one of the best weight loss programs I have ever tried. And believe me, I've tried just about all of them. It puts all of your food choices into points instead of calories. You have a certain amount of points that you are allowed in any given day.

Plus, you have an extra weekly allowance of points that you are able to use for special occasions, or you can divide them up for extra points every day. You never have to feel deprived, which is a big part of every failing diet.

Everything you eat is calculated into points and then you add them to your daily food diary. Having everything in a weight loss diary causes you to be honest with yourself.

It keeps you in check. It is so easy to eat little things here and there, not realizing how many calories you have actually taken in. This way, it's on paper. You can't rationalize away fact.

They also have an online Community in which you can chat with others who are facing the same struggles as you. They all give advice, and also offer fitness and weight loss challenges for everyone who needs a motivational boost.

If you have been tossing Weight Watchers back and forth, wondering if you should give it a try, I say GO FOR IT!!! It has been the BEST program I have ever used and I will suggest it to anyone and everyone who is fighting to gain a healthy relationship with food and with life!


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